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EPTFE Cut Gasket EPTFE Cut Gasket is a multi-purpose material which can be used with a wide range of industrial applications and has the capacity to replace multiple other PTFE gaskets, when required. They are highly resistive to chemicals and can strongly withstand extensive exposure to aggressive chemicals in the range of 0-14 pH.

The only known materials that are not supposed to be used with this type of gasket will be the elemental fluorine and alkaline metals in molten state. For long lasting durability and to retain its resistive capacity, these gaskets are cut and expanded from virgin PTFE material. High quality, branded materials have reliable resistive capacity besides being industry friendly by not discoloring or contaminating end products.

The EPTFE Cut Gasket has maximum temperature resistive capacity of up to 600F and are constructed using a proprietary process which will vary from one brand to another. All reputed brands expand them from the virgin component and they are expanded by altering the molecular arrangement in a way that they don't come back to their original state again.

The versatile nature of the EPTFE cut gasket allows it to align with irregular or rough surfaces to ensure seamless transition of the liquid, gas or any other transaction. These gaskets are typically used in petro chemical, food and beverage, marine, pharmaceutical, iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, pulp and paper among other industries. The wide range of application makes them one of the most sought after sealing solutions. It can be purchased in varying thickness levels as required.

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Item# Size Price
IG-050-150 1/2" $ 4.48
IG-075-150 3/4" $ 5.52
IG-100-150 1" $ 6.52
IG-125-150 1-1/4" $ 7.36
IG-150-150 1-1/2" $ 8.36
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