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EPTFE Gasket Material EPTFE or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. Expanded PTFE (Trademarked by Dupont as Teflon®, Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont ). The beauty of this material is it's soft. It compresses easily, and it affects a seal with less torque load than conventional or loaded (filled) PTFE. This makes it ideal for use in glass lined pipes, or other gasketing applications where the bolt load torque is very limited.

Like regular PTFE is has a high temperature rating +500 F (with excursions to 600F). EPTFE is also excellent for low temperatures to -400 F. EPTFE is designed to be highly resistive to corrosive chemicals, electricity and other types of gases or liquids. EPTFE refers to type of gasket made using the same base PTFE element but are expanded with to provide more cushioned, soft conforming material that seals exceptionally well. EPTFE Material is produced in several forms. It is produced in a sheet gasket material, which is utilized to make a wide range of gasket shapes. Those gaskets can be cut easily using a razor edge by hand, but also cuts extremely well using a laser. At American Seal & Packing we cut EPTFE using a laser (for close tolerance and low production runs), die cutter, waterjet, or CNC knife edge cutter.

The other common form of EPTFE would be "Joint Sealant". EPTFE Joint sealant is produced via an extrusion process, and has a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on one side. The advantage is it works perfectly as a gasket, but has no waste at all. Anytime a gasket is cut from sheet, you pay not only for the gasket, but also for the wasted material in the center of the gasket (reduced if the gasket is nested, but not eliminated), and for the wasted material between gaskets.

Because EPTFE is not an inexpensive material, this can be a significant cost savings. Using EPTFE Joint sealant, instead of cut gaskets, has been done by thousands of chemical, food, and general industrial facilities, because, it works.

EPTFE is generally expanded by rearranging the molecular structure during the manufacturing stage which ensures that they don't rearrange themselves with prolonged usage. It also avoids any type of structural weakness and allows it to contract evenly in all directions. The lack of additives in the EPTFE ensures that they have the same chemical resistance level as virgin PTFE.

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ES-1212-1250 12"x12"x1/8" $156.64
ES-1212-0625 12"x12"x1/16" $92.80
ES-6060-2500 60"x60"x1/4" $5,307.12
ES-6060-1250 60"x60"x1/8" $2,191.55
ES-6060-0625 60"x60"x1/16" $1,356.25
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American Seal & Packing can help to determine the type of EPTFE gasket material required. PTFE is one of the type of gasket material we specialize in, however we do offer a wide range of other materials than may be better suited to your application.

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