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Split PTFE Back-up Rings The Split PTFE Back-up rings are additional accessories which are primarily designed to easily overcome the problems caused when using O-rings. When O-rings are used in an environment where they don't properly fit the area but are still being used as a sealant, they cause extrusion during high pressure transactions.

The back-up rings are utilized at this point to make sure no extrusion occurs and keeps them firmly in place for successful transfers. There are different types of these rings available in the market, which are designed for specific purposes and the split type is one of them. They are made using multiple materials including hard rubber, plastic among others but PTFE is always considered to be superior of them all because of the advantages it offers.

The Split PTFE Back-up rings use PTFE material which is superior in terms of quality and versatility when compared to hard rubber. They have excellent resistance against high system pressures and have reliable cold flow characteristics.

These features of the material make them an ideal component to be used to reduce extrusion gaps to the bare minimum and it also allows automatic compensation for the wear. PTFE is used as an anti-extrusion material in this context because it is resistant to almost every type of chemical, be it acidic, basic or a solvent and has low friction as well as doesn't wears off quickly which makes it one of the best of the lot. The split variants will not be a complete circular design but will have a gap at one point to make it easy to fit it along with the O-ring.

American Seal & Packing can help to determine the type of PTFE Back-up rings required. PTFE is one of the type of gasket material we specialize in, however we do offer a wide range of other materials than may be better suited to your application.

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PTFEBUR-001-SOLID $ 530.00
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PTFEBUR-003-SOLID $ 530.00
PTFEBUR-004-SOLID $ 24.40
PTFEBUR-005-SOLID $ 23.80
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