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PTFE Gasket Material Industries and manufacturing plants use PTFE gasket material for a wide range of purposes. They are available in different blends, including: Virgin, Mechanical Grade and filled versions. The fillers used range from Silica, Glass, Copper, Bronze, Barium Sulfate, Glass Micro Spheres, Carbon, Graphite, Calcium, Moly/Bronze, Moly Glass, Ekonol, Ceramic, and then some. On top of selecting the right filler, it is also important to know what percentage of fill is best for your application. Each of the fillers above has their advantages in specific applications. American Seal & Packing can help you identify which filler and what percentage of fill is best suited for your needs.

Before placing an order, the nature of application should be taken into account for best results. Virgin material is required for medical as well as electrical applications. To be more cost effective, mechanical grade is sufficient, in a large percentage of applications. Mechanical grade simply has a minority portion of recycled PTFE added to the batch. Most physical properties such as temperature range and PH range remain the same. Filled materials are considered specialty items, and generally produced in lower volumes making them more expensive.

To the naked eye, an experienced handler of PTFE will be able to differentiate between Virgin and mechanical grade, but most would not because the changes in appearance are minimal. The percentage of reprocessed PTFE can vary from one manufacturer.

Filled materials can also be manufactured using two primary methods. The most common is in a batch process where large round billets of PTFE are made, which are then Skived to the ordered thickness of the sheet. The diameter of the billet defines the length of the sheet that is made (one revolution). The second method which is common to Silica, Barium Sulfate, and Glass Micro Spheres, is the HS10 process developed by Dupont. HS10's purpose is to give the sheet a more uniform tensile strength. Billet formed material has a high tensile in width and a week tensile length wise. The HS10 process plus having a filler helps to minimize the common problem issue with PTFE Gaskets, "Cold Flow".

American Seal & Packing can help to determine the type of PTFE gasket material required. PTFE is one of the type of gasket material we specialize in, however we do offer a wide range of other materials than may be better suited to your application.

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Item# Size Thickness Price
V-PTFE-48-03125 PTEF Sheet 48" X 48" 1/32" $ 241.92
V-PTFE-48-0469 PTFE Sheet 48" X 48" 3/64" $ 302.40
V-PTFE-48-0625 PTFE Sheet 48" X 48" 1/16" $ 356.40
V-PTFE-48-1250 PTFE Sheet 48" X 48" 1/8" $ 712.80
V-PTFE-48-2500 PTFE Sheet 48" X 48" 1/4" $ 1425.60
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