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Ring Gaskets Ring gaskets or ring joint gaskets are constructed with high precision metallic components to use with high pressure or applications where resistivity against high temperature is mandatory. The combination of materials used to construct and manufacture the gasket will vary from one brand to another.

They are 3 types of ring gaskets are available. 1) PTFE Ring GAskets
2) Non-asbestos & Rubber Ring Gaskets
3)Metal Ring Gaskets.

The resistive capacity of the product and the ring type will vary as well which is why buyers planning to order them in bulk quantities should always check its manual. The gasket is made using a softer metal so that it can seamlessly flow into the harder flange material and will eventually create a very tight seal which ensures that no component, be it liquid, acid or gas passes through it during production. They are ideally used often in oil field industries as well as in refining and processing plants.

The Ring gaskets are usually available in two different variants namely the standard and non-standard types. Each one of them is made using specific set of metals and other components so as to suit the sealing application that they are designed for.

In order to effectively use them, the right variant has to be picked out based on the materials used. The standard type of gaskets is made using alloy steel, stainless steel, low carbon steel or soft iron. The materials used to manufacture non-standard types vary because they are all the result of using super alloy steel, added stainless steel and high nickel alloys. Most manufacturers will have pre-defined set of sizes and standards while custom ones can be ordered as required.

American Seal & Packing can help to determine Ring Gaskets required. PTFE is one of the type of gasket material we specialize in, however we do offer a wide range of other materials than may be better suited to your application.

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Item# Shaft Size Thickness Price
PTFE-05-1875-150#R-0625 1/2in 1/16" $ 1.20
PTFE-07-2250-150#R-0625 3/4in 1/16" $ 1.32
PTFE-10-2625-150#R-0625 1in 1/16" $ 1.44
PTFE-12-3000-150#R-0625 1 1/4in 1/16" $ 1.96
PTFE-15-3375-150#R-0625 1 1/2in 1/16" $ 2.48
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