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PTFE O-Rings are available in different sizes and will have varying composite materials used in them as suggested by the specific brands. Users will be able to get custom sizes if required and can match them with the circumference of the material that they are planning to seal efficiently, to avoid any type of leakage.

The type of rings are regularly used in scenarios where an industrial application requires a sealant which has high chemical resistance capacity and should be made using non-compressible material so that the shape doesn't give off with time or usage. In order to meet these requirements, O-rings are made using PTFE material which has reliable, high level of resistance against oil, steam, acids, bases and other variants of chemicals.

By nature, the material is very tough to mold or bend and it is abrasive resistant. The non-forgiving nature of PTFE allows manufacturers to rely on the material to create rings which can be used in chemical environments, sealing surfaces which slide or keep moving and to seal transactions which take place in an acidic or basic environment.

These are some of the ideal environments where PTFE O-Rings are of great help to users while they are not usually preferable in high temperature steam, high vacuum seals or low compression vacuum sealing. The size of the O-rings could be anywhere between zero to five or higher based on the manufacturers individual size sheet. A buyer should assess these guidelines before buying the product whose size is made to match the cross section of the component.

American Seal & Packing can help to determine the type of PTFE gasket material required. PTFE is one of the type of gasket material we specialize in, however we do offer a wide range of other materials than may be better suited to your application.

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