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PTFE Joint Sealant PTFE Joint Sealant is a viable alternative to sheet gasketing especially when it comes to large equipment flanges. The area that is supposed to be covered drastically increases when it comes to flanges of higher size which is when joint sealants become a viable option because they are much more cost effective yet provide all the resistive capacities offered by the gaskets.

They are all made using the same material, PTFE which is one of the most widely used component in the industrial environment. It is an irreplaceable material because of its exceptional chemical resistance even against strong acids, bases and alkaline solutions. The joint sealant is made from virgin PTFE which are completely expanded to meet the required shape and size.

The base element used to create these components retains its temperature resistant capacity and make them chemically inert in the long run. While components such as O-rings and gaskets are used in conservative spaces where limited resources could suffice, PTFE Joint Sealant becomes an integral aspect of sealing when industrial requirements demand a solution for large, damaged surfaces.

It also has good resistance levels to creep and cold flow besides being easy to install. It is priced at moderate levels which make it easy to reduce the cost of total sealing system. The material offers reliable sealing solutions despite being low on price. By using the right type of sealant, any industrial environment can reduce downtime caused by issues or leaks, avoids failure and ensures timely delivery of product to clients.

American Seal & Packing can help to determine the type of PTFE Joint Sealant required. PTFE is one of the type of gasket material we specialize in, however we do offer a wide range of other materials than may be better suited to your application.

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Item# Size Price
JS-1250-100 1/8" x 100' $ 61.16
JS-1875-75 3/16" X 75' $ 61.16
JS-2500-50 1/4" X 50' $ 61.16
JS-3570-25 3/8" X 25' $ 56.84
JS-3750-50 3/8" X 50' $ 113.68
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